80% of African marriages are for women to do house chores — Actress Lizzy Gold

Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold has revealed that her decision not to get married remains intact but wants a coherent reason to have a changed of mind.

She had shared a screenshot making claims that she recently saw a heavily pregnant woman washing her husband’s clothed while the husband sat close by to chat with her.

According to her observation, most African marriages are set up for women to slave for men, with 80% percent turning women into housewives.

Lizzy, baffled by what she witnessed, took to her Instagram page to ask married couples if this is what marriage was meant to be – seeking an explanation for her to change her perception.

“I’ve realised 80 percent of marriages in Africa women are meant to do the house chores. Please is this what marriage is about? Married couples I need your attention here..maybe if someone explains better to me I might change my mind about marriage,” she captioned the screenshot.

Source JiveNaija.com
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