Alexx Ekubo threatens to cast spell on debtor who has refused to pay up

Nigerian actor Alexx Ekubo may be a man with a good heart willing to do anything for people in need to smile.

But it seems he’s currently harbouring regrets after lending money to an unidentified man who has now refused pay up.

Alexx posted a picture on Instagram containing a quote which read: “When someone lends you money, it doesn’t mean they have alot.

“It means they thought you needed it more than them…. so learn to return people’s money with the same energy and smile u borrowed it with. ARGH!”

Unfortunately for him, that’s not the case. While narrating how the debtor told him to forgo the money because it is a material thing, Alexx threatened to bewitch the man in question should he fail to pay up.

“I’ve been burnt beyond measure for the umpteenth time,” he captioned the picture.

“One debtor had to nerve to say to me, “ah ah! Alexx ya a Man of God na, all these things are material things” ?? my hard earned money material thing okwaya! This one eh! I won’t even bother God, its Ogbakiri i will use & swear for you ??? .”

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