Cardi B allegedly made $1.8 million in her 72 hours in Africa

According to Africa Facts Zone, American rapper Cardi B made a whopping $1.8 million in the 72 hours she was in Ghana and Nigeria.

Cardi took home $1 million for her performance in Nigeria and was allegedly paid $800,000 for her show in Accra which was preceded and plagued with a lot of drama last night.

Though this information cannot be verified as at the time of this report, we can assume she would not be paid any less, considering how big and global the Cardi brand.

Meanwhile, Cardi B has apologized to the Ghanaian celebs whom she shunned to have a bite of khebab when they were waiting patiently to meet her in a Meet & Greet session, unbeknownst to her that such thing had been prearranged.

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