Comedian Ogusbaba shares photos of former rented apartment to celebrate new home in Lekki

Nigerian comedian Ogude Akpobome, well known as Ogusbaba, is now a proud homeowner in Lagos after nurturing his talent in a rented apartment in Enugu.

The elated entertainer took to his Instagram page to share photos of his new house in Lekki and that of his old apartment in Enugu where he lived for 2 years.

Before unveiling the new building, the comedian posted a series of photos from his visit to his rented apartment recalling how he struggled back then.

According to Ogusbaba, the room was so small that it was uncomfortable to occupy. He said the roof was made with carton, the foundation with wood and the toilet was just a complete eyesore.

He wrote: “How can ogusbaba forget this house?this was the first rent I paid, a local warri boy on a mission to survive, I stayed in this house for 2years in Enugu, a roof made with carton, foundation made with wood,the room was so small you cant stretch ,the toilet no go area ,but staying in this house not just as a student but also as a was very inspiring because I know it was just a temporary room, and God made me to pass through this house so I can tell my story and appreciate today. LORD I GIVE U ALL THE GLORY ”

After sharing his life challenging and inspiring story with his followers, comedian Ogusbaba flooded his Instagram page with photos of his mansion that was recently completed in the Lekki area of Lagos state.

“Thanks You Lord we Give U all the Glory,local warri Boy now Lekki Landlord,” Ogusbaba captioned the photo.

Check out photos below:

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