Maraji receives heavy backlash on social media after claiming there is no Allah

Nigerian comedian Gloria Oloruntobi popularly known as Maraji has ruffled a lot of feathers on social media with her latest religious post.

The instagram celebrity made some comments on her instagram page regarding Islam that has caused a religious debate on social media.

In her post, the Maraji said that Christianity is the only way to Heaven and stated categorically that all other religions including Islam have no place in the eternal place.

When a fan asked her if she was worried that Muslims and people of other religions would be offended by her post, she said it was not her intention to upset anyone and added that the “truth is quite offensive.”

Her comments have sparked a lot of reaction from people of all religions.

Most people condemned her for the timing of her post, since it is a festive period for Muslims in the country.

Others were worried that such comments could result in religious conflicts which would not end well for both Christians and Muslims.

Others supported and called her a strong opinionated woman who is not afraid to air her views.

Check out the reactions below:

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