‘My association with Davido has significantly improved my brand’ – Broda Shaggi

Budding comedian Broda Shaggi has acknowledged how his friendship with Davido has impacted on his career and life as a whole.

Shaggi who hit the limelight about a year ago says he is now famous and has been performing at several shows not only because of his witty jokes. The musician, he says, is a contributing factor.

“Without a doubt, my association and friendship with Davido has significantly improved my brand,” he tells Saturday Beats. “Davido is a great guy who is willing to support anyone that comes his way. Knowing and moving around with him has been a blessing for my brand.”

In an era where many fall because of their inability to handle fame, Shaggi says he will remain focused no matter what. He stresses that he will not be distracted by ladies who may throw themselves at him.

“It is not unusual for ladies to appreciate you in different ways if you are good at your craft and are famous. But as a person, I do my best to focus on my craft and find new ways I can improve,” he intimates while adding that “Trying to stay up there and make a bigger name has not been easy and it is only through focus that one can achieve that.”

Shaggi, a product of University of Lagos, is grateful to God for his protection and the talent given him.

He says: “My style of comedy is different and that is why I rely on God for inspiration in coming up with my skits. I am a strong believer in God. Anything I do, I put Him first and that is why I rely on Him for inspiration.”

Source JiveNaija.com
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