End SARS: Nigerians slam DJ Cuppy for saying she helped with campaign behind closed doors

A young woman called Chidinma has taken to her Twitter page to call out artiste DJ Cuppy for not making any effort to contribute to the End SARS campaign.

Chidinma said that the Jollof On The Jet crooner should come clean and tell Nigerians she does not want to help them with her money nor her status.

Responding to the claims, DJ Cuppy quoted Chidinma’s tweet questioning how the lady could jump to conclusions without knowing what she was up to.

“My dear sister Chidinmah but how are you certain I haven’t helped behind closed doors? #EndSARS,” she wrote.

Also reacting to the post, one woman known for getting arrested protesters out of police cells and disbursing funds contributed towards the protests said she has seen DJ Cuppy offer to help.

According to the lady only known as FK Abudu, the artiste sent in some money as a way of contributing towards the campaign.

“To be fair, Cuppy has opened her purse. I saw it come in,” she wrote.

However, the clarification did not stop some Nigerians from lashing out at the Gelato crooner stating that they were not convinced about her “closed doors” help.

Others explained that if DJ Cuppy could go public with her projects and urge Nigerians to support her, she could do the same for the End SARS campaign.

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