Future provides medical professionals fighting coronavirus with custom-sewn masks

Future is helping support U.S. medical professionals by donating a batch of custom-sewn masks to those in need amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The rapper’s nonprofit, The FreeWishes Foundation, is teaming up with Atlanta Sewing Style to produce the masks for doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers in hospitals and around COVID-19 patients.

According to TMZ, the star, real name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, has a team of 500 people dedicated to the task, although it remains unclear how many pieces he is aiming to create.

“As most people adapt to the new normal of staying quarantined to protect themselves from the coronavirus, healthcare professionals do not have this privilege,” a statement from The FreeWishes Foundation reads.

“In addition, they do not even have enough supplies to protect themselves from contracting coronavirus.”


Future’s sister, Tia-Wilburn Anderson, added it was important for her, the “Life Is Good” star, and their family to help their community during the coronavirus pandemic.

The hitmaker joins a number of stars, including Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who are helping support people during the global health crisis, handing out millions to help provide meals for those in need and medical supplies for doctors and nurses treating those suffering from the virus.

Source Aceshowbiz
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