Ghanaian rapper AY Poyoo chases Davido for a collaboration

Comic rapper AY Poyoo is looking forward to expanding his fans base in Nigeria as he has requested for a collaboration with Davido.

The artist has pleaded with Nigerian superstar Davido to give him a verse on a song.

AY Poyoo took to Twitter to mention Davido and make his request known.

“OBO @davido I need a 30 billion dollars verse on a song. You go do am or make I Washout?,” Poyoo tweeted at Davido.

Some Twitter users are not happy with AY Poyoo for seeking a verse from Davido because they feel his music is for comic relief.

AY Poyoo who seems not perturbed by comments from his critics stated that he is taking advantage of the internet to get things done.

“Be there and don’t make good use of the internet. People are angry I tweeted at @davido to do a verse for me. So you want me to walk from Kwahu to Lagos or Abuja to ask him? Be there and don’t make good use of the internet!!!,” AY Poyoo tweeted.

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