Going through your husband’s phones collapses marriages — Wife of popular Kannywood actor

Wife of popular Kannywood actor Sani Danja has said going through your husband’s phones and other personal stuff like laptops is the reason many marriages has collapsed.

According to Mansurah Isah, in a recent interview with Daily Trust, she has vowed never to go through her celebrity husband’s phone or personal items.

She stated that when you go through your husband’s phone, you may see things that you should not see and this may cause problems in the marriage.

“You know, the act of women checking their husband’s phones is one of the main reasons why marriages collapse,” she said.

“When a woman checks her husband’s phone and sees something she’s not supposed to see, it will really affect her, and by extension the marriage.

“But when you stay away from your husband’s phone, his laptop and some personal stuff, you will have a very peaceful marriage. I think those are the kind of things that has made our marriage last.”

Source JiveNaija.com
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