‘How can I stop you from using your birth name?’ – Jude Okoye reacts to Cynthia Morgan’s allegations

Boss of Northside Inc, Jude Okoye, has reacted to allegations leveled against him by his former signee, Cynthia Morgan.

According to the singer, Jude Okoye, took everything she had at the time when she was battling an illness.

Cynthia Morgan said she had fallen ill and was battling with a sickness that almost took her life.

The singer revealed that Jude Okoye through his Northside label contract took away her royalties, Instagram, VEVO account and even her stage name, Cynthia Morgan.

Responding to the claims, Jude Okoye said Cynthia Morgan is lying.

He questioned the logic in the singer’s claim that he stopped her from using her own birth name.

“I have never for once told Cynthia Morgan that she cannot use her name. I had no power to take that name, it is physically impossible to do that. Did I chase her with a court injunction? No”, he said.

Jude Okoye also denied allegation that the contract they signed made it impossible for the singer to use the name Cynthia Morgan after she leaves the label.

“I don’t understand, if she has a contract where it is stated like that, she should bring it so we can see. The one I have here is not different. How can I hold her name, which court can grant it?”,he questioned.

The music label boss promised to publish the details of their contract soon.

Source JiveNaija.com
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