I am role model to the younger generation, says Small Doctor

Singer, Small Doctor who was recently arrested for allegedly threatening police officers with a gun has said his recent brush with the law was just a case of misunderstanding.

Initial reports said the musician had been arrested for threatening police officers but he was subsequently charged in court with illegally possessing a firearm. It turned out that Small Doctor has a license to carry a gun, leading the court to strike out the case and order his release. 

Despite being in the news for the wrong reasons these past few days, the musician whose real name is Adekunle Temitope, has vowed to be of good behaviour henceforth. Actually, he's been ordered by the court to be of good behaviour and if he misbehaves and is brought before a judge, Small Doctor will most probably suffer a conviction which might land him in jail for some time. 

According to him, the younger ones look up to him as a role model therfore he will not get involved in any illegality that is bound to tarnish his image as a musician and a brand ambassador for the police.

“It was a case of misunderstanding and everything had been settled. My fans need to know that I will not get involved in any illegality. The younger ones look to me for hope and I will never let them down.”

Small Doctor is looking forward to filling the Agege Stadium this Sunday with fans and spectators for his first concert in Lagos adding he’s confident that the recent case with the police will give a major boost to the concert in terms of attendance.

“My issue with the police is even a major reason for people to attend my Sunday show. There is no need to panic and we have invested heavily in the security of lives and properties,” he said.

“I believe I am exceptional and people around me are exceptional too. I am a man of the people and I believe I should give back to my society. They have been the ones supporting me from the onset.

“I want them to feel important and happy. Eko Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, cannot even handle the crowd I want to entertain. Small Doctor added.

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