Etinosa slams MC Galaxy for saying she planned her IG strip show

Nigerian comedian Etinosa has slammed singer MC Galaxy for saying her widely condemned Instagram Live nude show was staged.

According MC Galaxy in a recent interview, Etinosa and himself planned the whole thing, however the comedian went overboard.

“The live video thing, we planned it. Me and Etinosa actually planned that stuff. But I was not happy with the way the whole thing turned out to be on me alone. But we didn’t plan she will be naked like that. She overdid it when she came on the live video,” he stated in an interview with Hip TV.

However, Etinosa has emphatically denied she staged the Instagram strip show with Galaxy.

Taking to her Instagram story, the comedian said she has dignity as a woman and would never trade her nakedness for fame.

“Do you know what nakedness means to me? My womanhood, My dignity as an African woman. My very essence. My privacy. No woman in her right will trade this for anything. Even strippers put on lingerie and you think I will be completely naked for fame,” she posted on Instagram.

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