It’s good for an artist to be uncomfortable – Clara Aden

Professional studio artist, illustrator, story board and urban artist Elizabeth Omolara Adenugba, popularly known as Clara Aden is urging colleagues to move out of their comfort zone and explore.

Clara Aden who recently made headlines following her work which featured at the Amref Artball auction opines that it’s best for one to keep trying and exploring instead of sticking to what they are used to.

Known for producing captivating paintings, drawings and collage, Clara, answering a question about which of the aforementioned she is comfortable with said:  “I believe artists should be able to break out of their comfort zone and out of their obstinacy against some art mediums.”

“Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo did not limit their creativity to a particular medium. As an artist it is good to be uncomfortable. If you try a medium and the work is not coming out well, there is no harm in trying again and again. Learning process should be your priority.  I am comfortable with my medium be it old or new, but l love pencils and charcoal.”

On how she decides what medium to use for a particular piece, Clara said: “Each medium has its own characteristics and qualities. Each requires its own techniques for creating art.”

She continued: “There are endless ways to create art. This means there are endless art materials to choose from to create your masterpiece. At times, when l am spending a good amount of time on a piece, l like to be precise and extremely patient after sketching with willow charcoal. At other times, l follow my instincts and just start drawing or painting.”

Speaking to Daily Trust, Clara also touched on the story behind the recent recognition of her work.

She recounted saying: “Last December, I saw an open call for African artists for the Amref Artball 2019 on Facebook. Amref Artball is a premier contemporary African Art Auction and philanthropic event that aims to raise funds and awareness for Amref Health Africa. The Artball 2019, featured a silent auction via Artsy, showcasing works from over 25 African artists. ‘Comfort Zone’ is my artwork selected for the art auction. It is one of the ‘Lost and Found’ series on ‘Refining Identity: the role of Nigeria Women in Africa continent.”

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