Khafi denies having sex with Gedoni on Big Brother Naija

Amid published videos of the pair moaning beneath the sheets, Big Brother Nigeria housemate Khafi has denied having sex with evicted lover Ekpata Gedoni.

Fans of the show, which began on June 30, had been eagerly following her romance with Gedoni as they appeared in a series of steamy romps on TV.

However, after Gedoni’s eviction, he refuted claims that he and Khafi had sex on Big Brother and even expressed shock that she might be fired from her job in the UK because of the allegations.

Well, Khafi has reiterated Gedoni’s denial, claiming that she has been celibate for 8 years and still is, despite videos that see them moving in ecstasy under the sheets.

She disclosed this during a ‘toss the ball’ game in the Big Brother house where housemates revealed little secrets about each other.

Khafi said: “Everyone was going to think it was me and Gedoni but my mind is clear, my conscience is clear, it’s not us. It was very funny.

She continued, “Me and Gedoni looked at each other and was like, no; I am a very physically affectionate person. Nothing will happen in the house.”

Meanwhile, evicted housemate Thelma has said the house always run out of condoms because of Gedoni and Khafi unabated sexcapade.

Gedoni and Khafi were captured on four occasions having sex while other housemates were asleep.

A section of Nigerians, who thought the pair did not use protection, were bothered Khafi could get pregnant for her Gedoni before their exit from the house.

But their fling was cut short following the eviction of Gedoni on August 25.

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