Lagos Collapsed Building: Small Doctor visits survivors in the hospital

Nigerian singer, Small Doctor on Saturday visited survivors of the Lagos collapsed building at the Lagos Island General Hospital in Lagos state.

At least 20 people, including school children, have been reported dead after a three-storey building collapsed at the Ilafaji area of the Lagos state on Wednesday.

Small Doctor took to his Instagram to post photos from his visit to the hospital.

According to him, he was moved to tears upon hearing some of the things that happened to the victims of the disaster.

He wrote:

“These Kids Are The Greatest Motivation I’ll Ever Get In Recent Time?, Despite The Situation They Found Themselves It Didn’t Stop Them From Being Happy .

I Was Moved To Tears Hearing Some Details About The Collapsed Building ?! But Regardless They All Wore A Beautiful Smile ? ! We Had An Amazing Time Together At The Lagos Island General Hospital. I Pray And Wish Them Quick Recovery?? .

I’ve Done My Little Part Which Is Not Enough, Please They Need all The Love, Care And Support They Can Get??. #GoDblessYou #HappinessIsFree .


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