Mayorkun’s mum while speaking with City People shares her reaction to her son’s career

Mrs. Toyin Adewale former actress and Mother of rising superstar shares her reactions and gives advice to entertainment parents.

The proud mother of 2 and happily married mum, who recently relocated to Maryland, USA. Had these to say while speaking to city people about her son the superstar Mayorkun.


“It makes me proud and I am happy about it, I never knew Mayowa will go into music. He used to be a junior choir master while in the choir, but never knew he would go this far, because he has always been a very quiet, easy-going person. He is not a loud guy, but you know God’s ways are not our ways, so when he started, I became very happy and proud of him.

Initially I was very afraid, I didn’t even give him my blessing, I said I have been in the entertainment industry for long and I know what it entails, so I didn’t support. It was his father who said Toyin, let’s give him a chance, he studied banking in school.

So, I was like why not go and work with your certificate then do music alongside but my husband convinced me. So, we decided to give him our blessings and today to God be the glory.”

When asked if she listens to his music, Toyin Adewale said

“I know all my son’s music from A to Z, word for word, I know his songs very well, I follow and monitor him all the time. In fact, she said she follows him on all his social media platforms and check up on him daily.

She concluded by telling Entertainment parent to support, pray and be there for their kids who plan on entering the Entertainment Industry as well.

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