Men get abused too, we have emotions – Ubi Franklin

Boss of Triple MG label and businessman, Ubi Franklin, has stated that it is important to note that men need support too.

The businessman took to social media to share his take on why men need to be given support and encouragement just like women.

Ubi Franklin, who is a father of four shared a post which spoke about the many reasons men shouldn’t be belittled or silenced.

He stressed that men have emotions and men get abused too.

“Men cry. Men break down. Men get anxiety. Men have emotions. Men feel insecure. Men get abused. Men have mental illnesses. It’s not ‘unmanly’ to struggle. Support men. Encourage men. Don’t belittle men. Don’t silent men”, he wrote.

“FACTS! men are human beings too, we also like to be spoiled!”,he added in his caption.

In 2019 Ubi Franklin claimed that bloggers and people in general are quick to talk about his negatives but never talk about the positive things that he does.

Ubi made this statement in a lengthy post on instagram where he spoke about his beef with his friend and former partner Iyanya.

According to the MMMG boss, even though their issues have been settled, it still hurts him whenever he thinks about how things went down between the two of them.

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