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Actor Babajide Awobona ties the knot


Nigerian actor Babajide Awobona has married his fiancee Olami.

The actor, who usually stars in Yoruba movies, disclosed this on Instagram on Tuesday.

In the post, Awobona wrote a lovely tribute to his wife, saying he has learnt so much from her.

He wrote:


With you I have learnt so much
With you I learnt to appreciate ME more
With you I realised how much strenght I have
With you I learnt Patience
With you I learnt Perseverance
With you I learnt to love more
With you I realised it is not how far, but how well.
With you I know I will learn more
I pray we smile and be happy till the end of time 🙏🏾🙏🏾 I LOVE YOU❤❤😍 🤗”


Source JiveNaija.com
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