Anita Joseph shows off the ‘most handsome man’ behind her smile

Anita Joseph may have been dating for quite a number of months, but Nollywood fans are just now getting the chance to see the “King” of her heart.

The actress, who has tried very hard to keep her relationship extremely private and the identity of her man anonymous, finally took off the wraps as she showed off her supposed ‘boyfriend’ on social media on Friday.

Anita, describing him as the “most handsome man” behind her smile, revealed his identity as Real Mc Fish – a Pro HypeMan and an MC.

She wrote:

“The microphone magician “
My King MAN
The choosen One
The best of the Best
My Brownskin Man
Obim Nwokeoma Nkem Dimkpa
My Love the Most handsome man in the whole world
🤘 👌✍️ ❤️ the man behind my Smile😍

@realmcfish Tonight help me fuck shit up
At Hennessy hype Tour tonight💃.”

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