Casting Bobrisky in movies mediocre – Fidelis Duker fumes

The organiser of Abuja International Film Festival, Fidelis Duker cannot fathom why his colleagues keep giving Bobrisky movie roles and has therefore urged them to desist from the practice.

He argues that casting the popular cross dresser in movies is akin to celebrating mediocrity stressing that Idris Okuneye as he is known in real life is not an actor.

“For those who have featured him (Bobrisky) in their movies, they are only exploiting his popularity, especially on social media,” he told Sunday Scoop. “They are not using him because he is a fantastic actor. It’s not good enough that we celebrate mediocrity.”

“There are a lot of cases of rape and other vices now, and it is because of things like this. We need to understand that our moral values are very important to us. I expect that the movie industry should be a platform where morals, values and ethics should be the focal points. Unfortunately, what you find in most of the films is that they celebrate immorality,” he added.

Expressing a strong opposition to the lifestyle of Bobrisky, Duker said “We should not glamourise such things. We have children who are growing. As a father, these are not the kinds of things I want my children to learn. It is alien to our culture. I don’t see any reason why a man would dress like a woman. Some people defend him and say he is only ‘acting’, but as for me, it’s not appropriate.”

Filmmaker Fidelis Duker


Duker becomes the second person to have slammed filmmakers for casting Bobrisky in movies as Charles Awurum did same in May this year.

In his response, Bobrisky jabbed Awurum and referred to him as one of the poorest in Nollywood.

“Dis is another useless man we have in the Nollywood industry. All the effort you use at talking about me old fool can better your life if you take your career serious,” he fumed with rage. “You are one of the poorest Nollywood old man we have presently in Nigeria. Many of your mates mind their business but you choose to cross my path. See his fat head like over fed frog.”

Meanwhile, Director of ‘Bobrisky in Love’ Kensteve Anuka, says the decision to feature Bobrisky was informed by the quest to make the movies interesting.

He says “I don’t make my judgments on what people say. I did it because I wanted to make a film and pass a message. There is the business angle to every profession. For every movie, there is the business side. Before we cast for every movie we are doing, we try to estimate the commercial value of the talent. If we didn’t do that, we would be kicked out of business. We made the film and chose the perfect person for the role. The movie has to be seen to the end to see that we are not trying to promote him.”

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