“I can choose what I want to watch if I’m paying for it” – Daddy Freeze tells Desmond Elliot

Controversial religious critic Daddy Freeze has replied actor Desmond Elliot’s call for a ban on foreign movies in Nigeria.

Desmond Elliot in an interview with HipTV, stated that the best way to grow Nollywood is to remove the competition it faces in Nigeria, that is by banning foreign movies on our televisions.

A lot of people have shared their views on the matter and Daddy Freeze has not been silent on the issue.

The on-air personality posted the video on his instagram page and said that one should be able to watch whatever he wants if he can pay for it therefore banning foreign movies is not the way to go.

He however suggested that people in the industry put in extra efforts to raise Nollywood’s standard to match that of Hollywood and then naturally people would pay more attention to them.

In his post he had this to say:

Dear Brother Desmond, I love you, but I’m not with you on this. I should be able to choose what I want to watch if I’m paying for it, shouldn’t I?”

“Why don’t you strive to raise Nollywood to Hollywood standards and then people will gravitate towards Nollywood naturally?”

Source JiveNaija.com
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