I don’t regret saying prostitutes have no dignity – Actor Okon Lagos

Nigerian actor Okon Lagos came under huge backlash on social media after he somewhat justified the rape of prostitutes by police men in a video uploaded on Instagram.

In the widely condemned video, Okon Lagos, whose real name is Ime Bishop Umoh, stated that police raping prostitutes should not be charged with rape because the prostitutes do not have dignity.

In a recent interview with Punchng.com, the actor said he has absolutely no regrets about his comments on prostitutes.

According to him, if prostitutes indeed had dignity, they wouldn’t choose the job of a commercial sex hawker.

“Rape is taking a woman’s dignity without her consent. I don’t regret saying that prostitutes do not have dignity; no one would be proud to introduce themselves as a commercial sex hawker,” he said.

Source JiveNaija.com
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