“Improve Nollywood, don’t ban foreign films” – Social media users tell Desmond Elliot

Popular actor Desmond Elliot sparked an interesting conversation on social media on Monday when a video of him telling the government to ban foreign movies went viral.

As was expected, there was heavy backlash from social media users and some popular public figures such as OAP Daddy Freeze.

They were of the view that banning foreign movies was not in the best interest of Nigerians as everyone has the right to choose what they want to watch.

However, social media users stated in various tweets that Nollywood stakeholders should be able to improve the standards in the industry to match the level of their competitors instead of looking for a way to block out competition.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Desmond Elliot, Nigeria don’t need to ban Foreign movies for Nollywood to grow. In case you need my advise this what Nollywood need to do.
Create outstanding storylines set for e.g @UpNorthTheFilm_ #TheYelloSun @Lionheart_Movie #WeddingParty
Seet back and watch the space.

— Sylvester Emmanuel (@_SEmmanuel) July 22, 2019

What Desmond Elliot don’t know is that, Banning Hollywood movies in Nigeria would probably would lead to the death of all the cinemas in the country. #Naijablogger.

— Samuel Date360. #Naijablogger (@Naijablogger) July 22, 2019

How can you ask the Nigerian government to ban foreign movies should other countries ban our music and movies? Desmond Elliot should have asked that they support our movie industry so that we can get up to the standard the foreign movies are at cos we need to step up our game.

— strategy (@Noblestrategyy) July 22, 2019

It should interest Desmond Elliot to know that Nollywood surpasses Hollywood as the world’s second largest movie industry by volume, right behind India’s Bollywood.

The problem with our industry is quality and mediocre storylines. We are fed up with the “Igwe and Mazi” movies.

— The Serial Chiller (@Beneezrr) July 22, 2019

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