Sex for grades happen because girls are naked on social media – Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has said the practice of exchanging sex for grades or jobs may not end anytime soon as the ladies are somewhat complicit.

Taking to Twitter to add her two cents to the trending BBC documentary on Sex For Grades, Yvonne wrote that as far as girls are practically naked on social media and do not care about studying hard, sex for grades will forever be a menace in our society.

She tweeted, “Sex for grades! Sex for jobs! Sex for everything in our part of the world! Your brains dont matter here. It’s the covered parts they want, oh wait, these parts arent covered anymore…its free on social media. Will it ever change??”

However, Yvonne has received huge backlash for her comments, with many calling her out for victim blaming. Feminists on social media say her comment is no different from those who blame rape victims for their provocative outfit.

Others also slammed the movie star for her gross hypocrisy as it is not uncommon to showing much skin in barely-there outfits.

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