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The world is cruel and unfair – Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham has advised people to stop bullying others as the world is already cruel and unfair

Actress Toyin Abraham has observed the world is cruel and unfair and has subsequently advised colleagues as well as fans not to add more insults to injury with their actions.

Her focus was on how people take delight in bullying others. Toyin Abraham believes the act of bullying has a very huge negative impact on victims and therefore called for an end to it.

These remarks were expressed in an Instagram post, Monday.

She wrote: “The world is already cruel and unfair. Stop making life difficult by being a bully. Everyone cannot stand against bully or fight back. There are many that have gone down due to bullying.

“Please let’s stand for something for the good of others, don’t be source of despair, be the reason some people have hope, don’t be the reason they commit suicide.”


Source JiveNaija.com
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