Whoever chooses to be a baby mama has got no life – Linda Adedeji

UK based Yoruba actress and producer, Linda Adedeji has given women who have elected to be single mothers or baby mamas something to think about by saying they have no life.

The mother of one who lives mostly in UK and partly in Nigeria bared her mind on marriage and parenthood in an interview with Potpourri.

She said, “ Definitely, every woman should be married. It’s good to be married. It’s good to have kids in a right way, with your husband by your side because kids need their dads, so, it’s good to be married. Whoever chooses to be a baby mama, I will say has got no life. I understand those who became victims of rejection by men and left them to take care of the kids, that is understandable, but choosing to be a baby mama is not a good life.”

She explained that her relocation to UK was as a result of love for her kid and family.

“If you love your kids, you have to stay with them,” she said, to reaffirm her conviction that a woman should stay married instead of being a baby mama.

“If you have British kids and have to stay in Britain to take care of them, please do. My career is in Nigeria but my staying in UK is absolutely based on love, for my family. I have been off acting for two years now because of my boy. I went through hell before I had my child. I had eleven miscarriages before God blessed me with a son. After God had mercy on me and my family, I think is not too much sacrifice to stay a year and take care of my boy,” she added.

Linda Adedeji Aderemi has produced 9 films so far and featured in many others. Some of her films include Ibukun Abo, Oyinkansola, Seraye, Ika L’okurin, Alejo, My Faith and many more.

Source Vanguard
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