British photographer lauds Wizkid for his kind gesture when she fell at an event

A British photographer has praised Wizkid for his kind gesture when she fell while taking pictures at the Ends Festival in London.

The photographer Kym (@kymages), recounted how Wizkid rushed to help her back on her feet when she tripped and fell on the concrete floor.

She said seconds after taking a picture of Wizkid and his entourage at the event, she slipped and hit the floor hard sustaining a few bruises on her elbow and knee.

Wizkid having seen what had just happened, rushed to her side to help her up. She thanked him on social media and called him her hero.

In her post she said:

“Literally seconds after I took this shot I tripped n fell on some concrete thing that holds up the fence🤦🏼♀️I hit the deck big time!

Camera was ok🙏🏼but elbow n knee bruised😩😭But what was special that Wizkid stopped to check if I was ok and helped me to my feet🤗”

Wizkid shut down the event with his electrifying performances and raised the Nigerian flag high as he performed his popular hits.

Check out some of the photos below:

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