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Emulate Kevin Hart – Phyno told

A detailed pencil image of Phyno by a Nigerian artist identified as Arinze Stephen Ekwuide received a ‘simple’ “2 mad bro” response from the musician and some people are not excited about the reaction.

Although they somewhat appreciate the acknowledgment, they expected Phyno to contact the artist like Kevin Hart did when 26-year-old Eli Waduba Yusuf created a portrait of the US comedian and actor.

“So that’s all you’ll say? And you are taller than Kelvin oooo,” said a commenter.

“You will not hook him up with your friends?” another asked.

The Yusuf-Hart story

Yusuf, a hyper-realism artist from Nigeria, spent two weeks drawing a detailed pencil image of Hart.

The artist based in Kaduna, tweeted the masterpiece asking his followers to help retweet it to get the attention of the popular actor.

Eventually, the artwork came to the actor’s attention and he responded to one user: “Talent out of this world… Wooooooooow”.

Hart reached out to Yusuf and expressed interest in buying the portrait. He also said he wanted to support the young Nigerian by giving him a fee to produce pencil drawings of three of his celebrity friends and present to them as a gift.

Hart wrote: “I see it and I want to purchase it…I also want to support you and your amazing talent by giving you a fee to do a pencil drawing of 3 of my celebrity friends that I can gift it to. DM your info and let’s get to work!”

Source JiveNaija.com
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