Ghana Music Awards chaos: Shatta Wale explains why he stormed the stage

The longstanding rivalry between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy hit an all time low on Sunday when the two dancehall acts and their fans engaged in a fight during the Ghana Music Awards.

Shatta Wale and his crew rushed to the stage while Stonebwoy was giving his acceptance speech for winning the dancehall artiste of the year, causing a melee on the stage.

Stonebwoy, infuriated by what is happening, shockingly pulled out a gun at Shatta Wale and his crew.

Speaking out for the first time since the incident, Shatta Wale explained on Facebook that he went on the stage to congratulate Stonebwoy for winning the award and make peace with him.

“My crew had good intentions moving up there for us to prove that unity to make this 20years celebration a wonderful one but hey ,as usual Shatta Wale dierr Ibe dis ,Ibe dat “ so what happened just happen and the sensible ones saw how insecure music has made some people just to pull out guns ,” he stated.

Shatta also asked Ghana police to warn his nemesis about his seemingly trigger-happy behaviour, as this is reportedly his third time of pulling out a gun in public.

He wrote: “If Ghana police don’t warn That boy about his trigger happy life erh ..we all go show gun for town cuz he can’t pull a gun whiles I didn’t … This is the third time I have heard this and seen it with my naked eyes ..Ghana shouldn’t watch it and wait for that day to say we could have stop this …”

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