I won’t talk to the media about my family – Simi

Singer Simi has refused to share details of her marriage to fellow singer Adekunle Gold with the media.

The talented singer and actress made this clear during an interview about her debut movie called Mokalik.

She also spoke about her new album and what her fans should expect from her.

The singer expressed her joy of being on set with legendary actors in the industry and called it an unforgettable experience.

She said “The feeling is so real and unforgettable. I felt great shooting with some of the legends in the industry. It was something I had looked forward to for a long time, so when I heard that I would be part of the cast, I jumped at the opportunity because it was another way of showing the world the other side of Simi that they have never seen in play.”

However, when asked by the interviewer about her marriage to fellow singer Adekunle Gold, she quickly rejected the question and said that she was not ready to speak to the media about that.

The interviewer said “Congratulations on your marriage to Adekunle Gold.” to which she replied “Please don’t let us talk about that. I won’t talk about that matter. So just drop the question.”

The interviewer asked again about her plans to start a family with him and she shut him down saying, “I am definitely not going to talk about family with the media. You won’t hear that from me. If there are other questions, I will love to speak about them but not about family or marriage. It’s a no!”

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