Kenya rapper Khaligraph Jones hits out at $25 ‘peanuts paid for royalties’

The hashtag #MCSK is trending in Kenya after rapper Khaligraph Jones bitterly complained about the royalties he had received from the Music Copyright Society of Kenya.

He posted to Instagram a screenshot of his payment, received via the phone payment service Mpesa on Tuesday, showing he had received 2,500 shillings ($25; £20) in royalties from MCSK, which he described as “peanuts”.

The Kenyan musician was so outraged that he told MCSK: ‘”I have given authorisation for my music to be pirated. Don’t collect money on my behalf any more.”

He later put up a photo of a mug of milk and two buns, saying: “This is what artists are having for dinner courtesy of MCSK.”

Other stars, like rappers King Kaka, Vivian, Fena Gitu, took to social media to say that they had received the same fees, leading to a flurry of creative memes:

The MCSK has since defended itself, saying the $25 was for two months’ royalties shared out equally between its nearly 14,000 members from money collected for music played in public places.


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