My real life is ‘complicated and unglamorous’ – DJ Cuppy

Despite being a billionaire’s daughter, DJ Cuppy says her life is not as exciting as it seems on the internet.

According to the Pepsi ambassador, her real life is “complicated and unglamorous” but it’s unlikely that many presume she’s got everything in life on a silver platter.

In a since-deleted tweet, she made it clear that it was a factual statement – but to fly with her father Femi Otedola to Italy for an hour just to have ice cream, her life is arguably as sweet as a Gelato.

The tweet comes 12 days after DJ Cuppy she divulged that about 80 per cent of the Nigerian population does not like her because of her family’s wealth.

The Nigerian disc jockey, however, added that it is a good thing Nigeria has a large population because the 20 per cent left is still quite a large number of fans who adore her.

“80% of Nigerian people don’t like me… Good thing we have a LARGE population! ?” she said.

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