Nicola Siyo finally delivers Ubi Franklin’s third child

Nicola Siyo, the South African lady who got pregnant for Made Men Music boss Ubi Franklin while working with him on one of his startups has finally delivered a bouncing baby boy.

She had a baby shower on March 30th and delivered her baby on April 20, 2019, according to reports.

The CEO, who already has two kids with two other women, announced earlier on social media that he was expecting a third child.

Ubi indicated that he is not yet done having kids and in fact, plans to have two more babies making it five in total.

A week ago he wrote: “When I am done having kids before 40 and then work on my six packs go on Holiday with my kids and we run on the beach that’s the whole idea. At 50 I’ll have a 20 year old, 21 year old and a 17 year old. Maybe two more (five and I am done).

“This is the Biggest Blessings you can ever ask for so. I will only enjoy this alone and then you would have forgotten you wrote a dirty Caption to get comments. And A Billionaire too and impacted in my Country.”

As to whether the two remaining babies will come from different women, we will never know.

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