‘Write your own songs and become a queen’ – Yemi Alade faces off with fan who criticised her music

Nigerian singer Yemi-Alade has lectured a critic who sought to brush aside her achievements on Instagram by suggesting she’s not talented enough to match up with other female artistes in Nigeria.

A fan opined in the comment section under one of the musician’s post that Yemi Alade’s lyrical content is so poor, lack originality, creativity and above all, her lines are so predictable that it makes her unmarketable to promoters.

Her detractor intimated that “lack of versatility and creativeness” in the “Johnny” hitmaker’s craft is the reason why a certain female artiste is ruling as a queen in the music industry.

The roaster further implored Yemi Alade, who is considered the arch-rival of Tiwa Savage, “to stop hating and learn from the queen to succeed.”

But Yemi Alade had some words for her critic.

In response, she listed some achievements she chalked last year and how she toured several countries performing with her live band in 2018 alone, which proves her craft is recognized internationally.

The singer noted that “we are barely 4 months into 2019 and I can count the number of countries I have been invited to perform my Ear-Gasmic Afrocentric Highlife-infused music peculiar to my general genre.”

She added: “the deals signed in different countries in different currencies that will soon be made public or subtle as my priority isn’t to flaunt my wealth.”

Yemi Alade then dropped an anathematizing remark as she concluded her rebuttal.

“God has been good and if his mercies and grace in my life continue to taunt you then you will know no peace,” she said.

“Next time you want to chat crap make sure you say aunty Yemi, I am not your mate in life.”

Read the full exchange in the screenshot below

Source JiveNaija.com
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