Yemi Alade looks amazing on the cover of Guardian Life Magazine

Singer Yemi Alade cuts a royal figure on the cover for the latest issue of Guardian Life magazine.

In an interview with the mag, the 30-year-old said her biggest influence in music is American pop superstar Beyonce Knowles but she doesn’t want to be the second version of her.

“I actually look up to Beyonce literally, but there can never be another her. We all need to focus on being a better version of ourselves instead of being another version of someone else, I think there is more growth in that,” she said.

“I am in no way trying to downplay the greatness of the abovementioned (Beyonce) or the unmentioned. I am okay with being Yemi Alade, [in fact] I am so happy with being Yemi Alade because we are two amazing females representing the world of music.

“I have no hard feelings because I know that this [question] is because one of my sisters called me “African Beyonce.” It did not come from a pained place o and I am not having issues with my sister o, make una no go coin problem from another place o. We dey kampe well well,” she concluded in pidgin.

On about making music, Yemi Alade said  she doesn’t see it as a work only but also a therapy as people derives joy from it.

“Music is the language that I have fallen so in love with, it is like a therapy to me, not only work. It is still benefiting the lives of people around me and that gives me so much joy,” she said.


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