Yemi Alade slams policemen for harassing her dancer

Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has hit out at the Lagos Police Command for arresting one of her dancers for dancing on the street.

The award-winning singer shared a video on her instagram page where policemen without uniforms forcefully arrested the dance.

In the video, about three policemen were seen carrying the young man away while one other man threatened to seize the phone being used to record the incident.

Yemi Alade decried the actions of the police and asked if it was a crime to dance n the streets of Lagos.

She further stated that her dancer had been released but his phone was taken by the policeο»Ώ had instructed him to come and see the area commander the following day.

She wrote:

“This is #NIGERIA πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬, Lagos state CMS police station. Yesterday, My dancer @tomisin_tomtom was harassed for dancing on the streets by policemen not wearing uniform.

“What was his crime? dancing!!! Only in #NIGERIA that uniformed men will rather Prey on the innocent and protect the guilty.πŸ–€πŸ’”βœŠπŸΎ .

“Thankfully he was released yesterday but they have seized his phone.WHY? THEY SAID HE HAS TO COME AND SEE THEIR AREA COMMANDER THE NEXT DAY!! WHY?? WHY SUCH ABUSE OF POWER.

“MAKING videos and taking pictures is not a crime in ALL civilised countries around the world. let’s make sure we share this video so our loved ones can be protected. Thank you @aleeygiwa and @taiyealiyu”

Watch the video below:

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