“Na Broke You Broke No Be From Papa Side” – Erigga

Nigerian rapper, Erriga, has taken to social media to dish out a piece of advice to broke Nigerians urging them to avoid being brainwashed by some pastors who will come around to inform them that telling their family is behind their poverty.

Making his submission, Erigga asserted that when you are broke then that is a reality and it is not the fault of your family or anything from your father’s side. He added that it is rather because you don’t have money to cater to your needs.

Although the rapper did not point out if he had come into contact with any particular pastor who deceived him, he went ahead to warn broke people to avoid their heads being used by pastors who proceed to fill it with all sorts of things to make them believe that a family member is the cause of their poverty.

Check out a screenshot of his post below;

Source Ab-Tc
Via JiveNaija
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