Paul Okoye speaks on reason behind P-Square split

In September 2017, numerous media outlets across the globe caught wind of the split between Nigerian hip-hop twins, Peter and Paul Okoye, of R&B group P-Square.

The disbandment of the group was prompted after Peter raised serious allegations against Paul and their older brother and manager, Jude Okoye, in a letter sent to their lawyer at the time.

Peter had accused Paul of slandering his wife and children on social media. He also claimed that he and his family has been getting threats and says that Jude once threatened to kill him and his wife.

Several things have been said about the real reason behind the twin brother’s split, after Peter and Paul, who were once the top singers in the entertainment industry, decided to go solo.

Speaking to Accelerate TV in a recent interview, Paul Okoye, who is promoting his latest single ‘Audio Money’, spoke to the matter and said that they separated not because of music but family issues.

He, however, failed to go into detail on the issue.

Watch the full interview below

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  1. Nzete Beauty says

    I love you both. but remember where you come from and how you both suffered to be where you are.. drop your pride and come back together. two wrongs can’t make a right.. Remember the Bible says ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. God is love. One love bro

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