BBA Naija star Khloe calls out celebrities for their fake lifestyles on social media

Former BBA Naija housemate Khloe has called out fellow celebrities who live fake lives just for social media acceptance.

The reality show star made a post on instagram calling out all such people who pretend to be rich but are suffering in silence.

She said that she did not want to mention names to spoil the market of those people and advised such people to stop lying to the public.

She added that some celebrities after signing meagre deals with brands cannot wait to show off on social media. They do all sort of stunts and yet have very little in their bank accounts.

This is what she had to say:

“People out here doing things for clout, over doing things on their expenses all to meet their target. Lord keep helping me be who i am and not who the world wants me to be.

All social media stunts and akant broke AF. Signing shit for peanuts and disturbing out peace, i hope people can see beneath clout chasers. Clout chasers Hello… Lmao”

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