TBoss spotted heavily pregnant in new photos

Even though rumours have been flying around that former BBNaija housemate TBoss is pregnant, she has however kept mum on the rumours.

But now there is photographic evidence to back the rumours as she looked heavily pregnant in new photos circulating online.

The reality star was spotted with a huge baby bump on Tuesday at the Medicaid Radio Diagnostic center in Abuja.

Already, fans of TBoss are speculating that music executive Ubi Franklin is responsible for the pregnancy.

Ubi and TBoss have been rumoured to be a couple however the latter has consistently denied that they are an item.

“Let me just swear to you guys today, me and Ubi we have had nothing intimate when I say…we haven’t as much as kiss…never…no,” she said in a live session with fans on Instagram.

“I don’t think Ubi has ever fancied me like that,” she added.

Check out photos of a heavily pregnant TBoss below.

Source JiveNaija.com
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