TBoss tears into fan for talking about her pregnancy

TBoss chastised one of her fans on social media, calling him a “retard” for reacting to news reports confirming she is pregnant amid several weeks of denial.

An Instagram user identified as Frank (@xfranky22), while sharing his thoughts on the reports, expressed concern as to whether TBoss had not contracted any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) from Ubi Franklin – the alleged father of the baby.

And that’s because he has been tagged as a serial womanizer who is the father of four children from four different women.

He wrote: “With Ubi baby loading, I wonder if these celebrities are above HIV this one they keep ducking up and down and getting random girls pregnant”

TBoss however did not kindly to the comment, and rather clapped back in an unsuspecting harsh tone.

The reality star wrote: “xfranky22 sir repeat after me!!! I won’t be an unfortunate retard!!! Now slap yourself and keep it moving”

TBoss spotted heavily pregnant in new photos

TBoss was spotted with a huge baby bump on Tuesday at the Medicaid Radio Diagnostic center in Abuja.

Already, fans of TBoss are speculating that music executive Ubi Franklin is responsible for the pregnancy.

They have been rumoured to be a couple, however, the latter has consistently denied that they are an item, with TBoss even insulting the mongers.

“Let me just swear to you guys today, me and Ubi we have had nothing intimate when I say…we haven’t as much as kiss…never…no,” she said in a live session with fans on Instagram.

Check out photos of a heavily pregnant TBoss below.

Source JiveNaija.com
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