Teddy A and I didn’t plan falling in love – BamBam

Former BBNaija housemates Teddy A and BamBam recently revealed on social media that they are engaged.

While many were happy and congratulated them, others had their reservations about the engagement as they believe it might be publicity stunt.

However, BamBam, in an interview with Saturday Beats says thee engagement is 100% real and she can’t wait to share details of their wedding.

“It (engagement) is real. Just like every other thing, you would see it happen. I can’t start giving (wedding) dates,” she said.

Talking about her relationship with Teddy A in the Big Brother house, she said they didn’t plan having a serious relationship as Teddy already had a girlfriend back home.

She said, “Fate happened to us. I can’t say it was pre-planned. He had a serious relationship that was one-year-old before I met him. He had a girlfriend he was serious with, so we did not plan to fall in love with each other. We did not know we would last this long. We had a very rare connection in the house. We both knew it but we kept telling ourselves ‘it’s just for the game’ but it was no game. So, I can’t predict what fate has designed. So, people should not go in there hoping to be a Teddy A and BamBam. I went to the house for a different purpose, but ended up getting Teddy as a bonus.”

Source JiveNaija.com
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