Regina Daniels’ sister Destiny, slams commenter for ‘spitting trash’

Destiny Daniels, the younger sister of Regina Daniels has jabbed a young man who advised her not to marry a man twice her age like the actress did.

She described the advice as “trash” and cautioned the commenter to spew words of wisdom whenever he engages her in a chat or the response will be savagery.

“You that you are young, your own is to be posting engagement ring because all the girls you proposed to didn’t accept your foolishness simply because you’re broke” she jabbed.

“Please make money let young girls marry young guys. Abeg, next time, don’t come to my page and start spitting trash because I wouldn’t care if you’re older or not.”

Regina Daniels, 22, became the talk of town after news ran rife she was dating 59-year-old Prince Ned Nwoko.

While some wondered why she would marry a man twice her age, others argued she was of age and should not be questioned especially when the issue is personal.

The two are reportedly married and Regina Daniels is said to be four months pregnant for the billionaire.

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