The Osaro Theory: Compelling Book Introduces “Emotional Reservoir”

United Kingdom – Hardly anyone picking up Efosa Osaro’s new book will have heard the phrase “emotional reservoir”.

However, after turning the last page, they will most definitely understand its vital influence on how people behave, think and the biology at their very core.

And it’s all down to the sun. In ‘The Osaro Theory: Emotional Reservoir’, Osaro explains everything.


The Osaro Theory suggests that there is a variation between those who evolved in tropical conditions and those who evolved in a colder climate.

It is the author’s belief that these environmental differences have altered not only the physiology but are also responsible for the biological and the behavioral differences between blacks, whites and Asians.

The `Emotional Reservoir’ is a phrase he coined based on the study of the enormous effect of the sun on the earth and how it affects human biology, physiology, and behavior.

According to his theory, these environmental differences have numerous effects on human beings; also on how the environment can dictate human intelligence.

This theory also suggests that the people who evolved out of sub-Saharan Africa tend to possess more `Emotional Reservoir’ than the Europeans and Asians who evolved in a colder environment and who tend to have a lesser `Emotional Reservoir’.

Furthermore, this higher `Emotional Reservoir’ is also responsible for certain behaviors that are detrimental to the growth and the stability of these groups which, in turn, cause behavioral pathologies and poor decision-making.

“I’m not saying that the sun and climate are the only things that shape a person, but I’m definitely claiming they have more of an influence than we may have previously thought,” explains the author.

“It’s of course going to be a slightly foreign concept to most, so I’ve worked diligently to make the book accessible to all, and incredibly easy to understand.”

Continuing, “I believe my theory will further anyone’s understanding of how humans work, and also open the doors to further research by people across the relevant scientific and academic fields.

In a world where we’re compelled to celebrate our differences, this book will shed some light on why those differences exist!”

Here’s a link for the full book available on all retailers worldwide

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