Ultimate Love saga: Kachi accuses Rosie of terminating their baby

Barely a few days after Rosie came out to confirm her split with Kachi, more drama has now surfaced online and it has everything to do with Kachi’s claims in his new interview.

Rosie and Kachi had emerged as winning couple of the match-making show but several months down the line, things have turned pretty sour.

Kachi in an interview with Chude, opened up about some of the issues they had in their relationship.

According to him, Rosie terminated a pregnancy which he was responsible for.

The reality star who broke down during the interview stated that he wanted her to keep the baby and went ahead to express his desire. Rosie, however, didn’t want to.

According to Kachi, she didn’t want her parents finding out about the child, having already had two outside wedlock. Kachi went on to claim that Rosie also didn’t want the child because of her career.

He said that even though he wanted the child, he followed her to get the pill to abort the baby but secretly prayed the drug wasn’t available.

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