Vector replies M.I in ‘Judas the rat’

Rapper Vector has responded to a supposed ‘diss’ song directed at him by M.I Abaga.

About a week ago, M.I released a song titled ‘The Viper’ in which he took a swipe believed to be targeted at Vector.

In response, Vector has released a diss track in which he attacked fellow rapper, M.I Abaga and indicated that M.I couldn’t help his brother Jesse Jagz.

The ‘One Naira’ hit maker had posited in his ‘diss’ that he had helped a lot of young artistes and challenged Vector to mention names of artistes he has helped.

“See we rise by lifting others, who you lifted? Nobody in all these years. Can say that Vector put em in position wow.”, M.I said in his diss song.

The ‘King Kong’ composer replied M.I’s assertion and touched on  some few other issues.

“Who are the rappers that I put on? Many more plus two out of your three and I didn’t sign anything. I did it all for free since you were scratching on the surface like your DJ Lambo. How about the guns you brought to help become rambo?…So what am I supposed to do Sign a man I wouldn’t sign? I don’t do politics music.”

M.I  via his verified Instagram handle had said, “The Viper has hated me for years as is its inevitable nature. The serpent has been thus since the beginning of time. Would always smile in my face but I could smell the envy and bitterness. Whatever he may use as his excuse for his career-long actions it is simply jealousy beneath it all.”.

These words and the diss track from M.I seemed to have offended Vector leading him to record ‘Judas the rat’.


Source JiveNaija
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