You should’ve taken the contract I offered you – Peter Okoye to Cynthia Morgan

Singer Peter Okoye has reacted to the feud between his brother, Jude Okoye, and Nigerian Singer Cynthia Morgan.

The female artist has accused her former label boss, Jude Okoye, of taking away everything she worked for.

Jude Okoye has however denied the allegation.

In a tweet, Peter Okoye revealed that he took the decision to take his music away from the family because of freedom and not for money, fame, or power.

He added that Cynthia Morgan should have taken the contract he offered her but the family made him look bad in her eyes.

“My dear C Morgan, The decision i made 3yrs ago was never about the fame,money or power! It was for my FREEDOM! Sad you rejected the contract i gave u. Just because they made you see me like the bad egg. I pray you understand that God has a purpose for everything. Never give up”, he wrote.

Cynthia Morgan said she had fallen ill and was battling with a sickness that almost took her life.

The singer revealed that Jude Okoye through his Northside label contract took away her royalties, Instagram, VEVO account and even her stage name, Cynthia Morgan.

Responding to the claims, Jude Okoye said Cynthia Morgan is lying.

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