Zimbabwe must be ‘excluded from AU’ – Speed Darlington on colonial judges’ wigs

US-based Nigerian rapper Speed Darlington has called for the expulsion of Zimbabwe from the African Union (AU) following a row over colonial-era judicial wigs in the country.

“This is in Zimbabwe where black people still wear horse hair. That’s right! horse not human, not synthetic – horse hair [sic]. Something that itches the Body they put for head looking like Colonial judges,” he said in an Instagram post.

Reports emerged a few days back that Zimbabwe’s legal authorities have ordered over $155,000-worth (£119,000) of horsehair wigs for judges and barristers from a specialist shop in London.

The development sparked controversy as many argued that the government spent thousands of dollars on judges’ wigs while the country struggles under the weight of a financial crisis.

Judges’ wigs are made of horsehair and can cost anything from a few hundred to thousand dollars

The controversial musician believes wearing the white horsehair evokes the spirit of colonialism and is a sign of regression.

He said the exclusion of Zimbabwe from the bloc will be beneficial towards the continent’s growth.

“‘We must exclude Zimbabwe from African Union,” he says.

“We don’t waste our energy on the people who chose to stay lost I live in America I never see a white judge put on a black wig but these clowns/lost souls believe they cool wearing horse hair.”

Source JiveNaija.com
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