5 easy tips to help your visitors feel welcome in your home

Your main goal when welcoming guests into you home should be to make them comfortable, happy and at ease.

They should feel like they are in their own home even though it not theirs, but there should be some freedom and warmth in your hom

Here are 5 tips you want to do to put you and your guests at ease;

1. Get things ready early

Prepare the room you want to receive your guest in a few days before they arrive,ensure the room is clean, check the pillows and blankets and make sure everything is set, this goes a long way and makes your guest feel special.

2. Don’t forget the details

Being a good host is all about making sure your guests are happy and comfortable and considering the important details is very essential, the little things count.

Get a new book you think they’ll enjoy, or their favorite magazine, let the room smell fresh.

3. Do it hotel style

Have fresh towels in the bath, a basket filled with toiletries, an eye mask and ear plugs (especially if you live in the urban area with a lot of noise).

You don’t want them going out to buy these things themselves if they forgot to carry them along.

4. Stock up on food

You don’t want your guest going hungry, stock up the house with food. You can go the extra mile of letting them have their favorite by knowing their likes/dislikes as soon as they arrive.

5. Let them know the house ‘secrets’

Give your guests a set of spare keys so they can come and go. Also share your WiFi password and have a instructions written down on how to work the electronics.

Make them feel like they are in their own house.

6. Don’t stop decorating

I know I said 5 but this I thought to remind you. Never stop decorating, there is always something to change or add to in you home.

Asides from your guest being comfortable, they should see some style and elegance in you home. And just maybe they can learn one or two things from your design style.

Hopefully with these tips, your guests will want to stay longer, ok maybe not! but maybe come back again. Please leave a comment on what you did to make your guest feel really comfortable in your home.

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